NGO Blockchain Pluto Coin to Help Refugees and Hungry Children

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More than 20 million people in central Africa and others are facing the crisis of starvation. The Pluto reported that more than 20 million people in northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen etc. go through a “devastating food crisis”.

On this day, the co-founder of The Pluto, JOHNNY WALTER TOVAR TRUJILLO said:

“There are a number of international aid organizations in the world. I have been actively participating in UNICEF, UNHCR etc. and most of the volunteers are dedicated to do their best. However, not everyone is in the right path as we think. Some international aid organizations and individuals are violating the rights of the poor and starving locals for a penny, or a handful of food, instead of actually giving them the help they need. This is the horrible reality. I have vividly witnessed these situations so far.”

Likewise, there have been a controversy in Haiti, in which 200,000 had died recently, due to the sex scandal of a large aid organization that was revealed. This particular organization is a renowned aid organization, which has about 10,000 workers in 90 countries around the world.

“This is really only the tip of the iceberg. Some companies utilize aid organizations for tax evasion. Companies donate a lot of money to aid organizations, but most of it goes back to them. The fund is not allocated to the places that need help. This is the reality. It is not about small companies and groups, but the renowned global companies and huge aid organizations, which are not free from these corruptions.”

Companies contribute large sum of money to aid organizations and make their image better. Also, some countries offer tax benefits in accordance with the amount donated. Consumers purchase products from them, praising them as good companies.

However, it turned out that more companies than expected, have been taking advantage of it.

Companies will make the deal with aid organizations and get the money back. Of course, all the money returned turns into illegal slush funds. Some companies even set up their own aid organizations to make donations.

“In this reality, it is obvious that the fund allocation of aid organizations cannot be transparent. When most people donate, they do it out of good faith. However, after then, the donors cannot be sure of what their donations have been used for. Due to the inappropriate system nowadays, the ones that are affected are the people who need help, and those who donated in good faith. I believe blockchain can be a solution for it. With Pluto Token, the donations that I made can be managed transparently, in terms of how and where it is used for. This is why I had established The Pluto.  

The Pluto has already been engaging in cooperative relationship with several organizations and individuals. In the name of The Pluto Alliance, we gather to share information and work together. Until now, it had been difficult for small groups and big groups, groups in Africa and those in the Middle East to mutually cooperate. However, it is possible in The Pluto Alliance. The big groups acquire information, and small groups get supported by the big group. Moreover, the groups in Africa and those in Middle East have been mutually cooperating. All these procedures are transparent, and anyone can participate and monitor. The Pluto Alliance has already been making such meaningful achievements.

Lastly, he said:

“What kind of dream should we share with our children? They are suffering and struggling, even right at this moment. There should be no more greed to take advantage of them. We must make sure that everything is transparent. Now you have to seriously consider my proposal.”

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