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Across different civilizations and centuries, every culture has made use of some form of the saying: “knowledge is key/power.” From Plato’s “knowledge is the food of the soul,” to Confucius’ “The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it,” the emphasis on the importance of information has permeated time and space.

In modern times, information has become even more important. The impact is ever more profound in a technology sector that deals with the transaction of information itself. That sector is blockchain — a technology that is not bound by geographical limits and has influence around the world.

As such, the timely release of the correct news and information to the public is essential.

BitcoinNews: Getting the Latest Information In an Unbiased Manner

In an effort to provide the blockchain community with timely and unbiased news, launched recently, with the goal of delivering the latest, news from around the world.

The platform aims to deliver reports on regulation, current events, press releases, and any technological advances in the blockchain industry. plans to grow alongside the industry and its many projects, providing relevant news to the world and bringing the nascent industry into the spotlight.

Integrity And Neutrality: A Lost Art

Modern civilization is easily influenced by the media. This influence is frequently exploited to control and guide opinions in a specific direction. Combatting that practice, BitcoinNews strives to stay neutral and deliver unbiased, true-to-the-facts news to its readers. The platform is not a part of any media group and does not carry any agenda apart from delivering well researched, transparent and accurate information.

The platform is staffed with veteran journalists who were carefully selected to ensure neutrality and honesty. This follows the platform’s policy that journalism in the crypto industry is a “public service and the very backbone of a democratic society.

Other News On The Platform

Apart from delivering the latest happenings in blockchain, the BitcoinNews platform also gives updated information on the market capitalization of nearly 1,400 cryptocurrencies. The list ranges from industry leaders like Bitcoin and Ether to upcoming tokens such as UTRUST. The list will continue to increase as more independent blockchain projects will join the community.

Along with the dedicated market capitalization page, the platform also has a running ticker, showing the value of the top influential coins and tokens in real time.

The BitcoinNews team hopes that one day, its mission of delivering influence free news will make countless readers happy to have a source of unbiased news as the blockchain technology sector matures.

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