What Electroneum (ETN) Coinbase Listing Petition and Geo-Targeted Marketing Means to ETN Price – Crypto Recorder

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The last two months have seem Electroneum (ETN) volumes grow rapidly which has pushed it to enter the top 50 most valuable coin club. This has put the coin on the spotlight and the community feels it is time for the coin to get the listing nod on the Coinbase exchange. The community drive to collect 25,000 signatures appears on course as they have already amassed over 22,500 and going strong.

The petition timing is just right and comes days after the exchange adjusted its new asset listing parameters and seem to favor many coins and ETN stands a better chance now the never before. Community hopes are high and this has not distracted the coin price from trading in the green for the second day running.

Electroneum Visibility Gaining Ground Fast

The petition drive is driven through change.org and this is a step forward for the coins visibility. The good news after Coinbase changed their listing rules is that getting listed on the platform is free and a listing will create added demand and the coin value will skyrocket before the December festive season sets in.

An early listing of ETN will be able to create a new wave of price surge that will be sustained till the beginning of 2019. The momentum will also be boosted by the anticipated geo-targeted advertisement that will create ETN awareness and conversions from adorers to adopters, a campaign that is expected to kick off during the month of October.

Virgin and Unique Electroneum Route to Market

Very few crypto based platforms have been able to venture into the lucrative telecommunication industry and ETN entry into the market is a surefire mass adoption strategy that is sustainable and a meaningful value and traction proposition.  Internet penetration to the most remote locations has seen the mobile phone uptake follow suit and this will see ETN adoption reach those remote areas as well.

With a ready yearning telco market and the anticipated social network geo-targeting marketing campaigns the route for growth is soon turning into reality for this patent pending focused cryptocurrency. Segmenting market campaigns will offers specific solution to specific populations based on need and his is a win for the upcoming coin.

Electroneum Fallback Plan

With the prospects of Coinbase addition still high, Electroneum has caught the interest of other major exchanges and its performance in the last two months is likely to see it on the Binance charts. The current ETN FoMo is good enough to attract more listings and eyes are on Binance. An early entry to Asia and Africa for the coin could be a major market breakthrough and the community is hoping these hot spots will be prioritized in their upcoming marketing strategy.

Electroneum will use its product to make inroads to the marginalized populations in terms of banking facilities and make smartphones their powerful tool to reach out to the bank-less. Mass adoption will mean high ETN demand which will increase its value and the investor has taken note and are already stocking up for the next ETN boom.

Electroneum ((ETN) Price Outlook

With the ongoing hype and attention around Electroneum, the ETN price has been trading in the green for the last two days and has seen it continue gain against the green buck by 3.96% at the time of reporting to trade at $0.019987.

The support that the community has shown behind the Coinbase listing has ended up with increasing the ETN market volumes and the spike appears to hold awaiting a word from the exchange. Nonetheless, the coin target market has also been missing out in the crypto craze and Electroneum has become the darling of the Telco enthusiast.