26-year-old college dropout built a multinational blockchain business

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She added that coming up with the blockchain technology is the “easy part.” It’s then about educating the target market — many of whom lack good financial literacy — that Bitspark offers a safe way to transfer funds. That’s especially difficult, she said, given the popular noise around cryptocurrencies and their price volatility.

“In their minds, it sounds like magic money,” said Ryan. “It requires a lot of trust.”

Fee reductions of five to 15 percent have helped with that, she said, as have case studies from customers who have benefited. For example, one user was able to save enough money on fees to pay for an extra seat at her wedding in the Philippines.

However, as a young woman in tech, Ryan said she has faced additional barriers in getting her message across to both investors and users.

“There are few young women in this space, and fewer still who can hold themselves, so it’s about proving I know what I’m doing,” she said.