The Best Blockchain Event of the Year? Inc. Write Up Recognizes Crypto Invest Summit as Top Event to Attend | Crowdfund Insider

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The Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) gained a nice accolade this week as a write-up in Inc. anointed CIS as one of the Best Blockchain Events of the year – no small praise in a sector of conferences that have been overrun by too many events in just about every mid-sized city on the planet.

While most of the conferences on the list are well past their teens, CIS is just two years old.

Citing a prominent investor and billionaire the author quoted Tim Draper:  “This is the best blockchain conference” when asked about CIS.

So where do you go from there?

For the spring of 2019, CIS is hosting two side by side events. A day in advance CIS will host a security token offering (STO) event that will specifically target the fast-growing growing digital asset realm – one that is compliant and regulated. Most blockchain advocates believe this is necessary for sector growth to continue and more innovation to emerge. The STO market is a global phenomenon that is gaining traction and CIS wants to be part of this positive change. The main event will take place in LA the following day.

[Editors Note: Crowdfund Insider will be participating in the 2019 CIS event]