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Wagerr Coin (WGR) is a sports betting portal that is based on a decentralized Blockchain. The global sports betting market is opened up by the company through their offer of a safer and better betting experience. Their Blockchain technology validates sports events, automates pay-outs, and also creates betting contracts. The system is a one that is both self-regulating and decentralized. Thus enabling the placement of safe and private sports betting by customers.

The company presently has a market capitalization of a little over nine million dollars, with a daily trading volume of about 34 thousand dollars. There are currently a hundred and eighty-three billion wager coins, from which we currently have 193,360,471 in circulation. Right now, it is ranked as being in the 222nd place in the coinmarketcap.com’s ranking of tokens.

Wagerr Coin (WGR): Taking an Inside Look

The company’s CEO s David Mah, who is an Australian physician. He has developed a liking for the vast world of possibilities found in Blockchain technology since the year 2012, and has been committed to it since then.

The company’s lead developer is the person of Robert Christensen. Other members of the team include John Stack who is the full stack developer and Thomas McLaughlin who is in the position of support administrator.

Wagerr Coin (WGR): Features and Benefits

There are basically three ways through which the project users can earn money from the project. The first way is through the placement of sport bets, which is settled through what is known as Oracles. The job of the Master nodes called the Oracle is to regularly publish any upcoming event or events in the sports world so that the users can rely on their results.

Wagerr Coin (WGR) also use a type of smart contracts for their sports betting. The smart contract is known as the Application Specific Smart Contracts, or simply put as ASSC. This smart contract is a single-purpose smart contract that only accept parameters that are fixed in nature. The advantage of ASSC is that they are secured by an Oracle Master Node network and is also verified by consensus. Thus, allowing wager the ability to ensure the highest level of functionality without risking currency stability and network security.

Since sports betting is not the ideal example of safe investment for the general public because expertise does not eliminate the gambling nature. What Wagerr Coin (WGR) does is that it offers its users the opportunity to earn money by becoming operators of an oracle master node themselves. The users are then paid half of the fees for sports betting that are settled via his master node.

Wagerr Coin (WGR): Where to Buy

Wagerr Coin (WGR) can be earned by staking on a new wallet. You can also buy them directly with fiat on WavesPlatform DEX. It can also be bought with a credit card, Waves, or BTC.

Wagerr Coin (WGR): Conclusion

From the aforementioned, it is safe to assume that if the Wagerr Coin (WGR) remains on track, and it will become a commercially friendly sports betting portal.