BCH Community Defends ‘Fake’ Coinbase Video

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Photo credit: Coinbase website

A few days both Coinbase and Bitcoin Cash saw themselves in the mid of a controversy when the former announced that a pop up donut shop on the company’s premises was accepting bitcoin cash.

As earlier covered by Crypto-News India, an employee reportedly working with Coinbase, posted a short video where a pop up donut shop at the exchange’s premises was seen accepting the Bitcoin Cash payment.

The integration purportedly used beta versions of Coinbase’s in-house wallet, coupled with a merchant-side offering, accepted BTC, BCH, ETH, and Litecoin (LTC) — the four mainstays throughout Coinbase’s broad roster of consumer, merchant, and institutional products, according to news portal, Ethereum World News. The entire transaction took place within 15 seconds.

However, now bitcoin cash community has risen to the defense of their beloved coin. Collin Enstad, video director and BCH supporter took a screenshot pf the disputed video and said, “No edit. There’s one frame when the green checkmark and the QR code is barely visible, right before the zoom.”

A developer for OpenBazaar Chris Pacia, joined in the conversation and said, “Lol if sending an ordinary unconfirmed payment blows their minds wait until we get avalanche in there.”

News portal, Bitcoin.com noted that the debate spilled over to Reddit and continued there as the discussion progressed to zero confirmation (0-conf). A Reddit commentator lechango asked if whalepanda and Peter Todd had received their bitcoin transaction in the past, as 0 conf also existed in bitcoin. In response, another Reddit user pointed out that replace-by-fee feature on BTC had made 0-conf transactions unreliable. This was the reason why the BCH community got rid of the replace-by-fee feature, Recentbobcat explained.

While the debate rages on, the only people who can say for sure what happened are the people in the video and they have wisely kept their silence.

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