Ripple Energy

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Ripple Energy is a clean energy ownership platform.

The company aims to enable people to part-own large scale renewable energy assets and have the low cost, clean electricity they produce supplied to their homes. Its goal is to “put people in control of their clean energy future”.

The platform enables individuals to benefit from the economies of scale of large scale assets, bringing together everything needed to part-own clean energy assets.

Under the model, Ripple Energy sources consented wind farms, and sets up and manages a co-operative which is the ownership vehicle. It then manages the construction and operation contractors and partners with licensed energy suppliers to get the electricity from the wind farm to its owners’ homes.

Customers simply then use a tool on Ripple Energy’s website to calculate how many Watts they need to own, buy the power, and switch to one of the company’s supply partners.

Ripple Energy calculates that part-ownership of a large scale wind farm is around 75 per cent cheaper than the equivalent rooftop solar. It is also more flexible and portable, making it well suited to modern, mobile lifestyles.

The firm also plans to integrate smart home technology such as storage, smart electric vehicle charging and demand side response to its offering, enabling customers to secure even greater value.