Bitcoin Triggers Enhanced Interest While Binance And Coinbase Are Rising In Global Rankings

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The interest in Bitcoin has been on the rise this year, and after the bulls came back into the market and there have been more moves made towards the mainstream adoption of crypto, this trend seems to be continuing.

The IRS recently reported that some much-needed regulation regarding crypto is on the way, and this will definitely boost the confidence in the crypto space and open the doors to more potential investors.

With interest in Bitcoin being on the rise these days, probably the crypto experts who have been predicting FOMO unleashed were right.

According to the latest statistics, BTC attracts enhanced interest

Global website ranking platform Alexa claims that the number of views on sites that are related to Bitcoin is on the rise.

Some popular crypto websites have witnessed higher numbers of visitors over the past 90 days.

Alexa is now ranking Binance’s website as the 911th largest one in the world, and this means that it went up by 233 places compared to three months ago, as reported buy theDaily Hodl.

Binance, on the other hand, has massive traffic from the US where it ranks as the 747th largest website. This report comes after the Binance hack that happened recently.

Speaking of Binance’s hack, Changpeng Zhao made sure to address it recently and talk about the final lesson after what had happened. He also described what his team had done during the crisis.

According to the Daily Hodl, Coinbase went up by 288 places to become the 1,236th largest website in the world, with 55.6% of its visitors located in the US.

It also seems that both websites have been able to track more than 900k visitors on a daily basis says data from Similarweb.

“Visitors per day on Binance increased by 13% in April to 1,183,000, while Coinbase’s traffic increased by 27% to 930,000 visitors,” the Daily Hodl reports.

The online publication reported that Google Trends also mirrors enhanced interest in BTC.

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